Thursday, January 31, 2013

overwhelming sketchbookingness

Here's a well overdue look into my sketchbook. I can't stress enough the importance of drawing from life all the time. If you're an artist you should do this habitually. I like to draw directly in pen (or some other non-eraseable medium) to avoid getting too fussy over my sketches. They're suppose to be quick loose and fun.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Latest personal piece I've been working on. Did this with Graphite and Ink on Bristol Vellum, then scanned the drawing in and finished the colors and textures in Photoshop. Enjoy!
Here is the initial graphite drawing on Bristol Vellum.
Here is the first pass of colors in Photoshop, after I let some ink washes dry. At this stage I didn't have a color scheme in mind I just played around until I found colors that hit the mood I was trying to convey.
Here is the final image after all the tedious level tweaks and self doubt.