Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Photoshop Concept Sketch (no references)

Here's a quick photoshop concept sketch for the band Synesthesia (took about an hour). The term Synesthesia is sort of a disorder (not really all bad) where the input to one of your senses gets coupled with a different sense perception. For example, there are some people who claim to see colors when they hear music. Since the band is pretty dark and heavy, I thought I'd give it a darker twist and make a character wear a device that surges energy to the eyes and ears through an apparatus connected to the brain, thus 'force feeding' Synesthesia to the wearer. It's way rough I know, but I figure it's got enough information in it to let them know where I'm coming from and to help me feel-out where they want me to go with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated, but please keep in mind it's rough (I know I need to put the figure in an environment, calm down the electricity confusion, and tighten everything up overall).

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