Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brave New World


Mr. Pryminista said...

Good job man! Big fan of the composition. What does the baby represent? Remember, I've never read the book. I'm vaguely familiar with the material.

Keep them coming dude

Rendez said...

the story centers alot around the idea that all the children in future society are born/grown into the collective. each child is not only brainwashed, but is systematically conditioned into a class status of voluntary servitude. individual thought, expression, emotion, etc. is looked down upon as it is more fitting to be a part of the whole. that's why the cut-out people I thought were a good metaphor, they're emotionless, faceless people and they are all connected.

Julia Hodges said...

Looking good, man!! It looks like you painted on cloth or a paper towel, it's very delicate. Good job! :)