Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rock Bottom Deals (Richmond Magazine)

Here is an illustration I did for Richmond Magazine for their Real Estate Section, about how first time buyers have the upper hand in the real estate market. This one was really tough because it went through a lot of changes from the initial job description, to the sketch, to the final. The article originally was going to be poker themed where the new home buyers were "holding all the cards", but the Art Director quickly felt the idea of the story wasn't clearly coming across. So, the article got a complete ideation overhaul and was changed to "Rock Bottom Deals". Also, they wanted me to be aware the fact that most of these deals are coming by way of foreclosures on current homeowners, so needless to say it was a sensitive subject to illustrate. So below are my thumbnail sketches I sent, from the original poker theme to the final approved sketch. Even though this one was tough I really enjoyed the challenge, and the people at Richmond Mag are always great to work with. Enjoy! Comments Welcome!

Initial "Poker" themed sketches

Final approved sketch

Final execution.

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