Monday, November 7, 2011

Foodblogs/Self Proclaimed "Foodies"

This is the image that went to print.

These 2 images were fleshed-out ideas for the article, but ultimately they weren't used.

I did these images last month for Richmond Magazine. The article was in their humor column about an avid food blogger who proclaims himself and his cohorts to be "foodies", but really they only hit the cliche restaurants (olive garden, TGI Fridays, etc.) and enjoy fine dining accoutrement such as box wine. The Art Director wanted to see what kind of a character I could come up with to fit the story, while working with some loose and splattery pen and ink work with minimal color. I wanted to make the character seem not so much like a snob, as much as an oblivious guy who fancies himself a critic...but has zero merit. This assignment was a really fun curveball to work on.

Oh, and here's the initial character ideation sketches for the "foodie" protagonist. Enjoy!


Pieter W. said...

kewl design of the face. dig it.

Rendez said...

yea, I'm not used to working so loose and caricature-esque, but this was a fun assignment