Thursday, April 30, 2009

haven't yet have vignette

The top one is an experiment I did to see if I could make a glaze go over ballpoint pen. The drawing itself is from imagination (and is awful). Overall I think the glazing process was successful, but I think I saturated the glaze with too much color and lost some of the form in the original drawing. The nose originally had alot more shape and the glaze made the lips turn out really red. The bottom one is just some random observation drawings piled on top of one another with a play on words.


Ally said...

The glaze work looks very interesting. Are those brush strokes or pencil marks? Could you imagine maybe glazing over something that had really high contrast? Chiaroscuro I think it's called. I think that would be very interesting.

Oh, and my opinion is that your opinion can't be a bad opinion because of your multiple use of the word opinion. The more opinions the better.

Rendez said...

I did the original drawing with a colored ballpoint pen. I applied the glaze with brush so you're probably seeing a combination of pen hatch lines and brush strokes. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out, but it gave me ideas for future pieces.

Thanks for checking out my stuff.