Friday, April 10, 2009

Botanical Illustration

Did this for my Scientific Illustration class. It was a botanical project in which we had to illustrate a plant/fruit/or vegetable's lifecycle or feeding cycle. We had to dissect our specimens and show how they work from the inside out. I did the anatomy of a nectarine. This is the revised piece with no text (besides the title and the anatomy), in the one I showed for critique I had a lot of little factoids about the nectarine and its origin, but I was told it was too distracting from the image. I did this with watercolor and ink, and the text was done in photoshop.


Pablo PeƱalba said...

awesome work !! wich technique did you use for the color here ?

Rendez said...

I used watercolor and ink for the fruit and the lettering was done in photoshop.