Friday, April 17, 2009

today's sketches

What an awesome day to have been outside. I sketched around a little today and went to SOCA's figure drawing session.

I was cutting across campus to get some food and low and behold there was a percussionist stage-cage-thing set up behind the Hibbs bldg. There were 4 or 5 members playing home made percussive instruments like trashcans, coat hangers, and bike wheels. It was so random! I did my best to sketch them in action but they didn't sit still at all, they were constantly changing seats and swapping instruments. Afterwards one of the members came over and asked to see what I had been drawing. He flipped when he saw it and had the other members come over and check it out. They asked if they could have the sketch, but I had some important stuff on the other side of the page so I sent it to him in an email, free of charge. I figure it made us even since they had just entertained me so much with there little stage set up.


M said...

I really love the last one, the brick wall. It has the distinct quietness of Hopper.

Rendez said...

thanks alot